The Mill Tackle Company, from 2001 to Present Day.

Former Assembly Manager of J W Young & Sons Ltd., Garry Mills, formed The Mill Tackle Company in 2001 to provide a reel repair and restoration service, specialising in Allcocks and J W Young centrepins. Since then he has also produced a small number of hand-built centrepin reels.

In April 2008, The Mill Tackle Company acquired the manufacturing facilities of Concept Engineering & Design, a small engineering company run by Jim Young (ex-director of J W Young & Sons Ltd.), and Garry has since been joined by his son, James Mills.

The Mill Tackle Company is now operating from Concept's existing premises in Studley (near Redditch), and will continue to build new centrepin reels and provide a reel repair service, as well as manufacture fishing reel components and other general light-engineering components. Jim Young will remain involved with the Mill Tackle Company on a part-time consultancy basis, providing training on the CNC machines, and any other advice as required.