The Mill Tackle can offer numerous engineering processes to fulfill any size order on either a large or small scale.   

We offer the following facilities: 

VMC Milling with 4th axis capability through our Matchmaker VMC 610 (2016) 

Turning/Milling chuck and collet work through our Haas St10-Y Turning Centre With Live Tooling (2014)

Turning chuck and collet work with our Miyano BNC 34-T Turning Centre.

Bead Blasting.


All above are undertaken in various Material types as shown below :  

Steel and Stainless Steel Turned and Milled Parts undertaken for all industries no matter how small your quantity requirements may be .

Brass, Manganese Bronze and Nickel Silver turned and milled parts are also produced in numerous volumes, for a number of different industries .

Aircraft Grade Aluminium is turned and milled with the highest of finishes and tolerances . 

Parts made from Plastics such as Nylon , Acetal and Delrin are also materials The Mill Tackle will undertake .